What does Center Stage Productions charge per hour?

Center Stage Productions is unique in this aspect.  We don't charge by the hour, we charge by the day.  If the party is going, so will we.  The only timing you have to worry about is your venue's limits. 

What packages do you offer?

 We don't offer packages.  Everything that we have we bring to every event.    From time to time, venues do dictate what equipment we can and cannot use.  You shouldn't have to worry about sticking to your budget and having a memorable event.  Your guests will remember the entertainment, not your chair covers.  Our fees include:  Sound mixing, dance floor lights, up lights, animated monograms, wireless microphones, music you get to choose, all travel, setup and tear down.  We set up before guests arrive so we are ready to go by your start time. 

Do you have your own equipment?

 Yes.  We have our own speakers, microphones, lights, and lighting truss. We have everything we need to make your event go.  The only requirement we have from a venue is electricity. 

Do we get to choose music? Do you accept requests?

You can choose as much music as you would like.  You can choose all of it, or none of it.  We will take your requests and run with it.  We don't have a playlist that we work from.  Everything is based off of crowd reaction.  You get to choose music for all of your important dances. 

Do you have a contract? Are you insured?

Yes.  We make everyone sign a contract that spells out our requirements and expectations.  This is a protection for us and you.  We go over the contract during our first meeting.  We will set you up with your homework as well, which includes all the decisions that you need to make. We do carry full liability insurance. 

Do you require a deposit? How much?

In most cases yes.  When planning a wedding we understand that you are shelling out a ton of money for deposits for all of your vendors.  You can pay up front or make payments to us.  We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card.