Recommended Vendors


Michael Grobin Photography

Michael is an amazing photographer!  He is incredible to work and super easy going.  We have worked with him numerous times in the last few years.  You won't be disappointed in Michael's work!

Monroe + Co

Jess and her team do an amazing job of capturing one of the most important days of your life! She is very easy to work with and her photos turn our spectacular! Monroe + Co also have videography services.

Annie B Photography

Chelsey does fantastic work!  She is super pleasant and professional.  Her photos turn out exactly the way you'd want them to!

Eric Osborn

Eric is recently ventured out on his own after spending time shooting for a wedding photography company.  We have worked with him a few times over the last couple of years and the experience is always pleasant!  Eric is a great photographer with loads of experience!

Ryan Morrison Photo
Ryan is one of the most down to Earth people you will ever meet!  He has traveled the world with his camera capturing photos along the way.  He is one of the most relaxed photographers we have encountered along the way.

Haley Lent Photography

We have worked with Haley once in the last year and have been hooked on her photos since.  Haley has a unique "voice" with her camera that really shows in the final product.  Her photos are stunning and truly have to be seen to appreciate!

Diamonds and Dirt Roads Photography

We have worked with Kim many times in the last few years.  To say she is personable is an understatement!  She is great to work with from a vendor standpoint.

Seneca Epley Photography

Seneca is super go with the flow during events. Her photographs are incredible and have a certain something to them that makes them uniquely Seneca! 


Monawar Studios

You won't find a more passionate or caring videographer than Arsalan.  His teaser videos look like movie trailers.  If you are looking for a master of their craft, Monawar Studios is the way to go!


Monroe + Co

Jess and her team do an amazing job of capturing one of the most important days of your life! She is very easy to work with and her photos turn our spectacular!

D. Barrett Studios

Drew has a unique voice that comes across like nobody else!  His videos are stunning and are a great way take a complete look at your wedding day!

Kerschner Candids

Mandy is fantastic to collaborate with.  She and her husband briefly moved to Florida, but couldn't resist the midwest, and have returned.  Mandy and Gavin's ability to combine ground and aerial shots make for a truly impressive video!


Graphic Formation

Ben and Lauren are former clients of Center Stage Productions. They jumped into the videography because they didn’t have a videographer for their wedding. They are quickly becoming a force in the videography section of the wedding industry. Their videos are impressive and they’re behind the scenes look at their creative process is intriguing!


Ruzicka's Catering

We've known Ruzicka's for many years.  Jeff and his crew can put together a delicious menu that will wow your guests.  There isn't any event that we wouldn't recommend Ruzicka's!

Fat Chef Catering

Fat Chef Catering has been a pleasure to work with over the last couple of years.  They do a great job of setting up and prepping a mouth watering meal!


HyVee has been great to work with over the years.  We have seen them serve everything from sandwiches to breakfast for a wedding meal.  Any way you look at it, HyVee is a great choice to cater your event!


McElroy’s Catering

McElroy’s Catering is among the best in the business! In the many years that we’ve been doing weddings, this was one of the best meals yet! They offer everything you need for your reception feast from the food to the linens!



We have worked with Blend Events just one time and that was enough for us to be impressed! Not only is their food amazing, but the presentation is just as incredible! Check out Blend Events for a truly impressive food experience!

Graze Iowa City

Graze has years of experience not only in the Iowa City area but across the country. When we worked with Graze, they had setup several “graze stations” that were all unique. Everything that was out was a top-notch product from their appetizer/meat/cheese station to the dessert table. Be prepared to be amazed at not only the visuals but the tastiness too!



With some of the best cake decorators and builders in the area HyVee makes impressive desserts.



We have had the opportunity to work with Emily at Soiree and wow! When something doesn’t quite go according to plan, she has tons of connections to make things happen! Emily is very personable and will make sure to take care of you for your event!


Purple Peony

Ashley is everything that you want in a coordinator. She has great vision to anticipate and intercept potential problems. She isn’t afraid to jump in and get her hands dirty to make your event as stress free as possible! Ashley has the experience to keep your event on track!


Studio Bloom Iowa
Elegant and simple all at the same time! A locally owned flower shop!

E’s Florals
Wonderfully colorful and timeless!  A locally owned flower shop!